Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sleep, Sleep, and More Sleep

I had speculated that the reason behind my recurring headaches during the weekends could have something to do with my botched circadian rhythm. Because I am so fortunate to have been forced to work the graveyard shift, I have to retrain myself to reverse my waking hours.
Funny, before I started working full time, which was after college, I was a night person. My creative peak is usually sometime around midnight until the wee hours of the morning. Since most of my classes during my junior and senior years began at noon, I had no trouble with this at all. But when I started working in the corporate world, I had no choice but to readjust my lifestyle which included my sleeping time.
Needless to say, it was nowhere near easy. I had to go on for days with little sleep while doing my best to meet deadlines without risking quality. After a month, I finally got the hang of working in the morning, thus forcing myself to reprogram my creative peak. I went on like that for several years even after I've decided to strike out on my own. But when I decided to return to the corporate world a couple of years back, the current trend of 24-hour shifts landed me a writing job where I had been assigned to the graveyard shift.
Even if I had requested that I be transferred to the morning shift five months ago, I doubt it that it would be granted since none of the morning shift writers seems to be so enthusiastic about trading shifts with me. Oh, well...I can live with that. But what gets me is the abrupt shift of waking hours during weekends where I usually go on without sleep during Saturdays. If I persist with the same sleep pattern as my weekdays, I can't enjoy spending time with family and friends on weekends. However, the downside is the nightmarish headaches that bolt me awake mid-sleep.
Wow...Just look at how many times I mentioned sleep or sleeping in this blog entry! And to make a boring long story short, I've decided not to cut back on sleep during Saturdays and retain the same pattern as the one I have for weekdays. Is it working? I think it is, but it is too early to say. After all I've only started this week.

(Meet my giant bedmate, Blinkita. I took this photo of her and my unmade up bed after I got up on yet another one of them lazy Sundays.)

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