Tuesday, September 22, 2009


No matter what I do, I just can't get the hang of playing online war games. Honestly, I think it is the most idiotic way to waste time. It is hard to say if this has anything to do with being female, or if this is just a simple personality preference that spells "TYPICALLY ME".

For one, my brother likes it. As much as I hate to think that he has taken a liking for such...(Sigh)I have neither the right to oppose nor give him my unsolicited opinion, let alone advice. After all, this is a free world. Every one of us is entitled to his preferences.

Okay, so they want to play games and have fun. I get that clearly. But why oh, why can't they just do it without being boisterous then? Why can't they stick it into their puny brains that this is a public internet cafe and not their private pads? What's with all the hollering, shrieking, bad-mouthing,loud picking, and cursing at the top of their voices?!?! Their voices are so damn loud, that I can even hear them through the gothic screaming of Amy Lee, as I listen to her in full volume via my headphones. Can't they see that there are other people here who are trying to do their thing on the net in peace?

Oh, well. Oh, well...This cafe is crawling with a bunch of rowdy assholes.

(One of my works in colored inks. felt pens, gel pens, and liquid eraser. It is entitled "I".)

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