Monday, September 21, 2009

My Resurrection

No knight in shining armor would come to rescue me
Save me from this nightmare, a life of misery.
Too much hope I've given, too many sacrifices
But for what? For shadows and heartless hollow voices?

Alone in this God-forsaken existence I stand
Bleeding and hurting, left to die in this deserted land
When all I ever wanted was a little affection
Some nurturing and caring, a bit of attention

For want of fatherly love, I traded my own soul
Thinking that in finding it, I would become whole
But what I mistook for love turned to be madness
In lies I sank, perished, and died alone and loveless

Never again! Never again! Never ever again!
I lament my heart's passing, but I'm far from deadened.
With what strength I have left, my soul I shall liberate
To claim back what is mine: my passion, my life, my fate.

(Detail from my watercolor painting "The_________________.")

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