Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Must Sleep But Can't!

Because I should be up four and a half hours from now, I should be off to bed, right? But because I'm so addicted to these games, I can't force myself to stop(even if I must) until I've repapered the bathroom wall of my bathroom in Yoville and completed my pet's wardrobe at Pet Society. What is more, I feel excited and happy. 

(Picture courtesy of http://thepluginsite.com)


Well, a close friend I haven't heard from for more than 12 years(I think) sent me a message through facebook! But wait, as complex and dramatic as my love life had been, he is among the most unforgettable friends I've had although I've long recovered from the...Anyway, this is not the time for me to discuss what transpired between me, him, and another close friend whom I dearly miss up to this very moment! I've been trawling the net hoping to get in touch with them somehow, and it wasn't until recently that a common friend of ours suggested me as a friend via facebook that he managed to find me. To think that I've been wondering how to get in touch with him for months! 

One down, one more to go.  

Friends are treasures. Whatever happened many years back has long ended, and has become another part of my colorful life, a learning experience that molded me into the quirky yet oh-so-sensitive woman I am now.  

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