Friday, October 2, 2009

Would you ever dare to look beyond tomorrow?

Would you ever dare to look beyond tomorrow?
Please do tell me what lies ahead.

Gripped in fear I sit here speechless,
listless and cold despite the burning anxiety.
Still yet trembling so badly inside.

Curious as I am, fear has got my eyes covered.
I desperately want to see;
I desperately want to know.

But I am too afraid to even take a peek.

Oh, God help us all...

The heavens are lamenting once more.
Can't you hear its anguish in the wind?
Listen to its howling outside.

They say it won't be long now.
By tomorrow the wind's wrath would be upon us.
And he would deal us a worse punishment.

Worse than the six hour hell the rains had plunged us into.
Worse than this blanket of sorrow we are struggling against.
Worse than the filthy waters that drowned our laughter.

Whose life would the wind take this time?
Whose heart would be shattered for tomorrow's sacrifice?
So, would you tell me what you see beyond tomorrow?

If ever beyond still exists by then.

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