Saturday, April 10, 2010

Taadaaa!!! Mirha

Last week and this week may probably be the most relaxing weeks I've had so far during this first quarter of the year. With last week being the annual Holy week celebration, we had no work starting Wednesday evening. We only came back the following Monday after Easter, and had only four days of work with the 9th of April being another national holiday. 
Before Holy Wednesday, I've been planning to catch up with my paintings, readings, and writings. Alas, the long weekend came and went and came again, and I have done NOTHING. No new painting. No new post. And I haven't been able to follow up on the proceedings of Miles and Sarah's love story in Nicholas Spark's A Bend in the Road. Worse, the lethargy has eaten up my interest in finishing Mirha, the beautiful. 
Although she already showed promise during the early stages of development, I started to feel uncomfortable upon finishing her very ornate headdress. I still am not abandoning my plans to finish the synopsis for the story though. It's just that I've gotten lazy. Anyways, I still owe it to Mirha to showcase her beauty even if I no longer plan to finish her and make her the arch nemesis of the lead character in my story. Like the others, I executed her using colored inks and liquid eraser. Here you can see pictures dating back to the preliminary stages until the present unfinished stage.

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